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The Process

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Our Process for Cleaning Your Air System, helping to prolong the life of the HVAC Unit

Furnace cleaning: Cleaning your furnace is the most important part to keeping your air system clean. The furnace is what pushes all of the air throughout your home and will be the first part of your system to get dirty. If the motor gets dirty or has a problem performing, the home will suffer, and consequently your electric or oil bill will suffer. We recommend having your furnace inspected and cleaned every 5 years. If your furnace, especially your blower compartment, is clean, your system will stay cleaner longer. Dust will always get past your filter but keeping your furnace clean will greatly improve the cleanliness of the air system, as well as allow the furnace to last longer, and operate at peak efficiency.

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When to Clean

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When Should Your Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

Our Customers are always amazed at the amount of dirt, dust, and debris that has accumulated within their system and marveled by the before and after pictures we take of your system. The amount of dirt removed at each home makes our customers delighted to have called us to clean and inspect their HVAC system. A clean system will improve the quality of air produced by the system enabling it to work more effectively, hence prolonging the life of the unit.

The HVAC system is vital for the health and cleanliness of your home. Many systems have not been cleaned or inspected in many years and have a significant amounts of dust and dirt within them. This dust will usually grow some form of bacteria and mold. Dust mites will also call your dusty system home. If this dust becomes moist, a dust mold can grow inside your system and seriously affect your health. The US Environmental Protection Agency recommends a deep cleaning every 5 years on average.

Ducts should be cleaned when there is a visible amount of dirt or dust that has accumulated.

For older homes we recommends a deep cleaning every 5-8 years and a maintenance cleaning with sanitization annually or bi-annually depending on accumulation and allergies of the residents.

For new construction we recommend a deep cleaning within the first 2 years of moving into the property. When a home is being built the system will be running periodically during the construction. This will cause the system to become very dirty from the dust and chemicals that are kicked up and used during construction. Cleaning the system enables the system to work efficiently and expeditiously.

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Mold, Spores, & Dust Mites

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Common Types of Biotic (living things that influence or affect an ecosystem) Indoor Air Contaminants

Mold: Mold reproduces through spores that become air born. It can come in many different types. There are 15 different types of mold that can grow within a residence. Mold is a type of fungus that grows primarily in dark and moist places. Metal air ducts are a perfect environment for mold growth. If the ducts become dirty the smallest amount of moisture will cause the dust in the ducts to grow a fungus. The air movement from the system will cause the fungus spores to spread throughout the system and eventually the home. It is not uncommon for our technicians to come across a mold outbreak within a system. Especially if the system has not been cleaned recently.

USA Weekend featured and article that highlighted some of the dangers of mold found within a home.

* 50% of homes in the United States contain “problem molds”
* Asthma rates over the past 20 years have risen 300% because of indoor molds
* The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota found that 96% of chronic sinus infections are associated with indoor mold.

Mold is particularly Hazardous to:
* Children
* Elderly People
* Pregnant Women
* Any Person with Asthma or other respiratory conditions

Spores: Spores are microscopic seed particles that are released into the air by the mold fungus. These spores will spread to more mold fungus when blown around a home by the ventilation system. Mold spores are hazardous to any person that breathes them when they become airborne. Certain types of mold, produce harmful mycotoxins, including starchybotrys chartarum more commonly known as Black Mold, the most commonly known form of mold. The only way to keep mold from growing in your system is to deep clean and sanitize it regularly.

Dust Mites: Dust mites are microscopic arachnids (Spider and Tick family) that are invisible to the naked eye, and are commonly found in many places throughout the home. Fabrics, carpeting, upholstery, bedding, and drapery are some of the most common. Their fecal matter contain a protein that is toxic to humans, and in significant quantities, may cause illness. A walk across the carpet, or moving pillows or drapes will launch the dust mite fecal matter into the air where it may remain for up to 10 minutes. The particles will be sucked into the air ventilation system where these toxins will accumulate along with other dust and contaminants. The dust and fecal matter get sucked into the system, consequently spreading back throughout the home and cycled back through the air. A regular deep cleaning and sanitization is the only way to clean these contaminants out of your system.

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Cleaning Your System

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Our Process for Cleaning Your Air System

No two systems are identical. Many different factors go into the kind, type, and amount of cleaning your system will need. The amount of time, upkeep, changing of the filters, sanitization, keeping it hygienic, are to name a few.

Maintenance Cleaning: A maintenance cleaning is more effective if performed on your system annually or biannually after a deep cleaning. For this cleaning we connect our negative air machine to your system and vacuum the entire supply side of the system with negative air. This cleaning will pull any loose debris, dust, pet dander, hair, etc. out of your system. Performing this service on time is a very important part to keeping your system cleaner longer.

Deep Cleaning: A deep cleaning is a service that should be performed on the system typically every 5 plus years depending on the time and dirt that is in the system. When we deep clean your home, we use a rotobrush on the end of a 25-foot snake enabling the brush to clean every individual grill, vent, return, and trunk line of your home, effectively loosening all debris and super vacuuming with the negative air machine connected. This combination of brushing with the negative air machine sucks/removes the dirt that is in the system. This cleaning combined with periodic maintenance cleanings will greatly improve the air quality of your home as well as the cleanliness of your system.

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