Cleaning Your System

Our Process for Cleaning Your Air System

No two systems are identical. Many different factors go into the kind, type, and amount of cleaning your system will need. The amount of time, upkeep, changing of the filters, sanitization, keeping it hygienic, are to name a few.

Maintenance Cleaning: A maintenance cleaning is more effective if performed on your system annually or biannually after a deep cleaning. For this cleaning we connect our negative air machine to your system and vacuum the entire supply side of the system with negative air. This cleaning will pull any loose debris, dust, pet dander, hair, etc. out of your system. Performing this service on time is a very important part to keeping your system cleaner longer.

Deep Cleaning: A deep cleaning is a service that should be performed on the system typically every 5 plus years depending on the time and dirt that is in the system. When we deep clean your home, we use a rotobrush on the end of a 25-foot snake enabling the brush to clean every individual grill, vent, return, and trunk line of your home, effectively loosening all debris and super vacuuming with the negative air machine connected. This combination of brushing with the negative air machine sucks/removes the dirt that is in the system. This cleaning combined with periodic maintenance cleanings will greatly improve the air quality of your home as well as the cleanliness of your system.

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