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"I've been breathing and sleeping better since I've had my air ducts cleaned professionally by Eli."
- Howard K.

"I feel safer knowing Eli did such a great job cleaning my dryer vent!"

- Wendy R.


***** Five Star Rating
Eli and Jessie were quite pleasant and professional while showing me how bad my furnace was.  They showed me both before and after pictures.  Quite and improvement.  I highly recommend them.  I will most certainly recommend them to my friends and family.
-Julie D.

***** Five Star Rating
Eli and Felipe arrived on time and got to work after explaining to me what they were doing!  Pictures were taken and explained that I needed a more deeper cleaning!  An estimate was given!  Very professional!
-Norma F.

***** Five Star Rating
Eli and Jesse were professional and did a thorough cleaning.  My breathing is better.  A disinfection natural oil was added to ducts.  There is a 6-month follow-up.
-Anita T.

***** Five Star Rating
Eli and Felipe were super friendly and courteous.  They explained everything they were doing and presented some additional cleaning services without being pushy or "salesy".  Our dryer vent ended up being super clogged, which can cause a house fire, so we had them unclog and clean it right away at a fair price.  I'd use them again in the future.
-Sabrina H.

***** Five Star Rating
Eli and Philipi knew their jobs.  Showed pictures of the vents after being vacuumed and explained the process to thoroughly clean and sanitize them.  Showed up on time and completed them job in the promised time frame.  They will return in 6 months to do the service again.  So far my dust is under control.  I cold dust on day and the next day dust would be back.  A very good service and friendly people.
-Susan K.

***** Five Star Rating
Eli and his assistant did a very professional and thorough job for the contracted services.  We would use the services again.
-Ernest L.

***** Five Star Rating
Very friendly and professional technician. He was on time and went right to work.  He informed me of what a danger uncleaned dryer vent can be...something I didn't know.  Would recommend him any time.
-James S.

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